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Monday, August 22, 2011

My Dictatorship...An Ongoing Conversation (co-authored by F. Christopher King)

JD: OK SO the press has Ghadaffi on the run. Why are we not there?
Sent at 11:37 AM on Monday

Mark: “cause this is not a smart time to try to take over. Trading out one dictator for another? That only works in North Korea.
Sent at 12:03 PM on Monday

JD: And you think Mubarak's successors in Egypt are not gonna be dictatorial?
Sent at 12:13 PM on Monday

Mark: Not the point.
Sent at 1:04 PM on Monday

Mark: Mubarak's successors will be implanted by the US because they have oil. We didn't mess with N.K. because they have nothing that we want.
Well, oil and someone friendly to the US can exert considerable influence there. We still have to get someone to start the Palestinian Israeli war to further the agenda of the NWO.
Naah, you want a country where you can be a real dictator and not a puppet of the Infidel.
Sent at 1:07 PM on Monday

JD: Puppetry pays too. And the Infidel, as you call him, is paying right now. His credit is good with me. Plus, we got a Black infidel now. We can trust him. He knows the handshake. This is business. LOL. China keeps NK on a string to get us rattled at times, and then they step in and appear sane
Sent at 1:11 PM on Monday

Mark: But puppetry doesn't pay like we want it to. We need to control the figurehead leader. We still looking at Irwin for that? He has political background now. It's a logical choice. With Flatbush as his second in command... no real power for him - provide him with a harem and some Hennessy and he'll stay out of the way.
Sent at 1:14 PM on Monday

JD: I want Flatbush kept on a REAL tight string. Saif Ghadafi he ain’t. He's more like Mobutu. You gotta watch them. The Hennessy is fine, all he wants. But no harem. Women make a man feel ambitious. Allow him to impregnate several goat ranchers' daughters, thus forcing him to marry or face disgrace. Nothing like a wife to keep a man busy. We’ll give him several.

Mark: I like it.
Sent at 1:24 PM on Monday

Mark: And we can make a deal with the US to start exporting some the Indian casino business to us in exchange for "migrant workers" (i.e.- indentured servants) that can be used to further undermine the economy and help further their agenda.

JD: Oh yeah. We will be SO in bed with the US government. I mean, they are the only game in town. The doggone Chinese are investing in Africa and (gasp) offering the Africans infrastructure and profits after the fact, not money up front. How does one get to build a dictatorship with back end money? Dumb dummies. Hey, Ghaddafi's daughter Ayesha is fine. I want her as general counsel. She may be unemployed soon.
Sent at 1:27 PM on Monday

Mark: "Foine" is not a qualification... and what do we need general counsel for? We're a DICTATORSHIP! Needing general counsel would imply a rule of law and fair trials and all that nonsense.
So unless you plan on hitting that, we need better "qualifications."
Sent at 1:30 PM on Monday

Mark: And if you did plan on hitting that, what we gonna do with #1 wife? That could be an issue.

JD: Dude, she was Saddaam's defense lawyer. Well, maybe that’s not much of a qualification. Like letting Kobe be Ben Roethlisberger’s mouthpiece. Plus, I had the pics mixed up. Ayesha just aiight. That was one of his female bodyguards who looked like a sista from 39th street. I'm married. I won't be hitting anything outside the homestead. "Stable family man" looks good on asylum applications when it is time to flee with my loot and let Flat and Irwin take the fall.

Mark: No doubt.
I just plan on becoming invisible.
Got a new identity set up and everything.
Sent at 1:32 PM on Monday

JD: Yeah, that's the problem. People don't think ahead. I've got all of that worked out NOW. In fact, I am having copies of my Archie comics sent to my safe house under my new identity, where they will stack up for years, waiting for me until I flee in exile. Hey, does that mean we can't come to Irwin's state funeral? Cuz they're gonna kill him. I think Flat may be dragged through the streets, and that's OK.
Sent at 1:33 PM on Monday

Mark: yeah, and Win will try to seek asylum in the US, and they will try him for war crimes. Since Johnnie Cochran is dead, you think that we could just set him up with Casey Anthony’s lawyer? I would feel kinda bad if we just left him completely hanging.....
Sent at 1:35 PM on Monday

JD: No, sorry, someone has to die, and not even the Americans will be dumb enough to buy Flat having any real power. I say let Irwin take his chances. Saudi Arabia might take him. They take everybody.

Mark: Damn. Well, if someone has to go, so be it.
Better him than me.

JD: I know, right? Don't feel bad. We're letting him be a head of state for a number of years. I mean, damn, what's the most he could be here? President? We're gonna let him be like Emperor King al Sheik or something. Take the good with the bad. Shoot. If he plays it right, he can be an international arbiter of style. You ever see those badass shades Ghadaffi wears? Remember Mobutu’s hats? Or Duvalier’s suits? We are offering him a chance at more style than he has ever had in his life. Good for the ladies.

Mark: Oh. I’m not sure women are a perk of the job Irwin wants. You DO realize that WE are going to have to be the ones that kill him, right?
Sent at 1:57 PM on Monday

Mark: I mean, he may be a tad slow on the upswing, but he still knows how to throw people under the bus. Once they start coming after him, how long until he dimes us out and says that we are the ones really in power? Lying and saying that he can lead the rebels to us?
Sent at 1:58 PM on Monday

JD: I can't kill him. I've known the guy over twenty years. Almost as long as I've known you.

Mark: We're gonna have to.
It’s an imperative.
I'm gonna have to.

JD: No, we gotta get Flat to kill him. I'll steal from the treasury and send my kids to boarding schools in hostile countries and I'll quickly sing like Mariah to the US government on whatever they want. I'll set Flatbush up to kill Irwin. Think about it. It's FAIR.

Mark: How can Flat kill Irwin if Flat is dead?
Oh. Never mind. I misread it.
We’ll make it look like a crime of passion.
Win was sleeping with Flat's goat-herding wife on a bed of yarn-cats.

JD: TOLJA it'd work

Mark: But GOOD yarn cats. Like cashmere
And then those loyal to Win would drag flat through the streets once he is declared dead.
That is just too perfect.
Sent at 2:07 PM on Monday

JD: Yeah, I have my moments. That was the plan. Then we can REALLY cash in. Make Irwin a martyr. We can get the t-shirt concession and everything. I'm working on the made for TV movie, of course which will not include us as anything but loyal friends he did so wrong.

Mark: And I am starting a book titled "Under My Thumb: how one humanitarian survived in an oppressive dictatorial regime - An autobiography."
Sent at 2:11 PM on Monday

JD: I'm gonna head up the university and write from exile about intellectual repression. Boy what a prick that Irwin is gonna be.
JD: They say success makes you who you really are. Think I'll be able to get my Bentley collection out of his repressive hellhole? That damn Irwin.
Sent at 2:17 PM on Monday

Mark: Sure we can! Just put them in freight containers marked diplomatic cargo.
That'll get them past customs.

JD: When the US overthrows him, y'know, I'ma be glad to see him go.
Sent at 2:23 PM on Monday

JD: I kinda wanted Libya. But you're right. I'll hold out for somewhere the seasons change. Oh, let me call Irwin and see if he wants to play golf...And I need to borrow $50 from Flat. I’m good for it…

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